Human-Tower Day of 1714

The Jove de Barcelona human-tower group are organising a special performance in Born this Eleventh of September, to commemorate the Tricentenary of the Defeat of Barcelona. The Minyons de Terrassa and the Capgrossos de Mataró are the two guest human-tower groups that will be accompanying the Jove this coming Human-Tower day, which takes place at noon at Plaça Comercial.

Welcoming towers at 12 pm will be signalling the start of the “human-tower day”, which will be held just opposite the Born Cultural Centre. The groups will put up their respective towers in a very special space for commemorating the Defeat of 1714. All three groups will be taking part in the event in excellent shape, having successfully started the second stretch of the season.

The Jove group are aiming to see this year’s Human-Tower Day go beyond the Tricentenary commemorations and become established on the human-tower calendar. That way Barcelona will have a notable independent event, separate from the other events linked to neighbourhood festes majors [big annual festivals and the human-tower day held by the La Mercè’s guest human-tower groups.