The Sant Pere de les Puel·les Giants will organize a giants’ get-together

Fifteen years since their get-together as part of the Casc Antic’s big annual festival, the Sant Pere de les Puel·les giants have decided to organise their own giants’ get-together. ‘As our get-together was for Sant Pere retinue, we could only invite one group and we wanted to do it on an even bigger scale’, the group explains. That is why they will be taking part as half-a-dozen giants’ groups at the get-together, which is taking place on Saturday morning, 23 November.

The get-together will start at 10.15 am with a gathering of giants at Plaça de Sant Pere. As usual among Citat Vella’s groups, all the district’s giants will be taking part: the El Pi, Plaça Nova, Raval, Barceloneta and Casc Antic giants etc. 11.45: the music parade will start, covering several streets in La Ribera. It will arrive opposite the Mercat de Santa Caterina by noon, where the final dances will be held.

The Sant Pere de les Puel·les family of giants is made up of the Pere II el Gran and Constança de Sicília giants and the Alfons el Franc and Isabel de Portugal mini-giants. The former were created in 1951 and, having been locked away for many years, they were recovered in 2002, when the Sant Pere de les Puel·les giants’ group was set up. This group, which is Ciutat Vella’s youngest, commissioned the craftsman Toni Mujal with building the mini-giant couple in 2014.