"Nerve Agent” concert

  • Carrer del Rosselló, 515
    • 50m
    • sun 24 · 19:30

Nerve Agent

Castilla-La Mancha/Albacete

Nerve Agent are a band hailing from the punk and metal scene with a music career starting back in 2015. They’ve been constantly evolving ever since to reach their current sound, having incorporated electronica since 2019, as can be seen in their latest work: Dejad Ke los Niños Se Acerquen a Nerve Agent. This musical evolution has created a unique and powerful style that will get you jumping and dancing non-stop during the concert at BAM 2023.

Their four previous releases show us that Nerve Agent's songs come from their own experiences in their surrounding geographical and cultural contexts. These experiences are turned into a discourse packed with references that reclaim not just their origins and everyday lives but also the concerns of their generation.

The BAM’s stage will be packed with powerful riffs, striking lyrics and a festive atmosphere that will enrapture you with Nerve Agent's music. Put that date down on your calendar and get ready for an evening of pure musical adrenaline where you’ll be jumping and shouting at an epic performance.

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    • Carrer del Rosselló, 515
    • Eixample
    • la Sagrada Família
    • 08025 Barcelona

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