Capgrossos de Sant Andreu de Palomar

Capgrossos de Sant Andreu

Fact sheet

Sr Sendra and Esperanceta are the capgrossos ("big heads") from Sant Andreu de Palomar, who represent two real-life characters from the old town. Sr Sendra is a legendary Sant Andreu night watchman who, they say, visited the ladies of the town when their husbands were not at home. Esperanceta, meanwhile, recalls a popular castanyera, who roasted and sold castanyes (chestnuts) at her stall on Carrer Gran de Sant Andreu.

The Sant Andreu capgrossos date from 1984 and are the work of the sculptor Xavier Jansana. When they were made, the opening for the carriers to see out of was very small. Years later, taking advantage of the fact they were in need of restoration, that problem was solved by making the mouth hole bigger.

Sr Sendra and Esperanceta are carried by the Germandat de Trabucaires, Geganters i Grallers de Sant Andreu de Palomar and they frequently appear at giants' gatherings and parades in their neighbourhood and around the city. Every year at the Sant Andreu big annual festival they take part in the Esclat Andreuenc, an exhibition of popular culture involving all the neighbourhood associations.