Capgrossos del Xerrac

Fact sheet

The Xerrac capgrossos ("big heads"), linked to the Guinardó neighbourhood, are currently looked after and carried by the plastic arts and expression workshop Xerrac. The comparsa is actually made up of thirteen of these figures, made at different times and with a variety of appearances.

Most of them were made in the second half of the 1980s, to breathe more life into the local festivities and give the young kids the chance to get involved. Over the course of a few years Piula, Fumets, Bruixa, Tardor, Jaumet, Roca and Custòdia saw the light of day. The last two initially belonged to the Horta-Guinardó District and were made by Xavier Jansana. They represent two leaders of the residents' movement: Custòdia Moreno, from El Carmel, and Antoni Roca, from Guinardó.

The year of the Barcelona Olympic Games, 1992, was a very productive one for the festival imagery of Guinardó. That was when Dimoni, Lloro, Sol, Lluna and Astròleg, made to take part in the Paralympics opening ceremony, appeared.

Because of the way they get involved in the neighbourhood festivities, mixing and playing with the boys and girls among the public, the Xerrac capgrossos are very popular characters. And given their size and weight, they can be carried by children as well as adults.