Diables Malignes del Guinardó

The Diables Malignes del Guinardó were set up in 1995, to keep alive and spread the Catalan fire festival tradition. From the start they have been based at the centre run by the Grup Torxa, which promotes culture in the Guinardó neighbourhood. Before then the centre had housed another colla de diables founded in 1985, called Infernal del Guinardó. A lot of the material they left behind was inherited by the Malignes del Guinardó, notably some devil's forks with a very unusual shape and a very powerful ceptrot, or sceptre.

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, the Malignes del Guinardó held a percussion competition that has turned into an annual event they now organise in collaboration with the Grup Torxa. And every year they are in charge of the correfoc at the neighbourhood's festa major.