Guspires de Sants

The Guspires de Sants (Sants Sparks) is a devil group that was set up in 2005 so under-18s to could play an active part in the fire festivals. Two years later they added an over-18 section.

Aside from the children's and adult sections, the Guspires spawned a group of drummers to replace an earlier one in 2013. In March that year they added Loki to their number as well, a fire-breathing chimera with the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a snake.

The devils wear black outfits with red flames and a read headscarf. The adults in the colla can design their own.

Every year the Guspires organise the Nit de Bruixes and the Festa de Primavera. Witches' Night is on the last weekend in October, close to All Saints, so they can celebrate their anniversary, and it is left entirely in the hands of the children's section. The Spring Festival is held to mark the arrival of that season and as an invitation to revive the neighbourhood's cultural life and street entertainment. In fact, the group regularly work with others promoting traditional and popular culture in Sants.