Castellers del Poble Sec

The Castellers del Poble Sec were founded in 1998 and officially presented in July 1999 at the annual neighbourhood festival. Their performance included building and dismantling a three of six (six storeys of three people).

They hold their annual diada in July, around the time of the Poble Sec annual festival, and are distinguished by their sky-blue shirts.

The members of the group are known asbandarres, describing their festive character. The group's social and practice venue is known as Can Bandarra. It is at c/ Blesa 7 and was inaugurated in 2014.

In 2010 they were one of the colles that stood out among the 28 that organised workshops that year to involve immigrants through the "Tots som una colla" - We're all one - campaign. The first event they organised attracted 70 people, while 30 came to the second.

In June 2013, a hundred and fifty members of the group went to the Occitan city of Montpellier to represent Barcelona and the casteller world. They gave a castell exhibition at the Unicités annual festival to mark the 50th anniversary of the twinning agreement between Montpellier and Barcelona.

The best castells they have built include the four of eight, the two of seven, the three of seven raised from below, the five of seven and the four of seven with agulla (a pillar inside the tower).