Colla Castellera Jove de Barcelona

The Colla Castellera Jove de Barcelona was founded in the middle of 2010. They built their first pillar of four on the day of the opening speech at the Poblenou annual neighbourhood festival. In 2011 they took part in a diada castellera for the first time at the Candela de Valls decennial festival, where they raised several pillars of four.

Colla Jove de Barcelona  members wear a scarlet shirt with the group name embroidered on the back. A vertical Catalan flag appears on the shirt collar, like the one on the Barça shirts in the 2010 season. This strip was first worn in February 2011 for the Santa Eulàlia festival performance. Before then they wore white shirts, like all the colles still training. They performed once all in white. That was on 6 February 2011, in support of Vols, a Navas neighbourhood NGO.

The best castells mounted and dismounted by the Jove de Barcelona include the five of seven (seven storeys of five people), the four of seven with agulla (a pillar in the tower), the three of seven with agulla and the seven of seven. Their best performance was during the diada castellera at the Molins de Rei festival in 2012. It included a four of seven with agulla, a five of seven, a three of seven with agulla and two simultaneous pillars of five.

La Jove currently rehearse at the Fabra i Coats arts centre, in the Sant Andreu del Palomar neighbourhood.