Cobla Popular

Jaume Panadès and the brothers Josep and Juli Grivé founded the band, the Cobla Popular ,in 1925, to make people aware of the wide repertoire of music for cobles. Since this time, the cobla has accompanied many performances by esbarts, dance groups, from Barcelona, and in 1972 they took part in the first edition of Sardana de l'Any, the Sardana of the Year competition.

Since its beginnings, this musical group has specialised in the classical sardana dances that were very  popular at the start of the 20th century. The type of music the cobla plays is basically the sardana llarga, the long sardana, that can be performed in the Empordà or Manresa styles. In the Empordà style, the recital is fixed at six sardanes, whereas the Manresa style involves nine.

The repertoire of sardanes that the cobla plays includes historical composers such as Enric Morera and Vicenç Bou, and goes right up to concert level, with composers such as Juli Garreta and even more modern writers like Jordi Molina and Joan Jordi Beumala. Within the field of cobla music are 18th century festival dances including polkas, masurkas and waltzes. The cobla has also played concert works in sardana and free formats, including the symphonic poem Puigsoliu, by Joaquim Serra.