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diada colles locals

Six nine-level human-towers on the La Mercè patron-saint's day

Plaça de Sant Jaume saw a historical day of local human-tower building: six nine-level human towers were "assembled" and "dismantled", two at the same time. The Castellers de Barcelona, the Castellers de Vila de Gràcia and the Castellers de Sants...

Little Mustafa, a new addition to the Colla Gegantera del Pi

Sunday afternoon saw the presentation of a new member of the giant Pi family: Little Mustafa. It's a children's replica of the famous Gegant del Pi, and it was created by Manel Casserres and financed through a microfunding campaign.

novetas merce

New popular-cultural developments in the La Mercè festivities

Popular culture is playing a much more notable role in the events programme for the La Mercè festivities, Barcelona's festa major or patron-saint's day festival. While there might seem to be many such events held every year that are all the same,...

Not to be missed at the La Mercè festivities: Saturday, 20 September

The festa major Saturday sees the start of the MercèDansa festival and this year's edition will feature the Arboç Devils Dance. After that, the Giants of the City will be performing a special music procession to commemorate the 30th anniversary of...

toc inici

Not to be missed at the La Mercè festivities: Friday, 19 September

Barcelona's festa major begins on Friday evening with departure of the Opening Procession and the public delivery of the opening speech. After the Toc d’Inici or Opening Ceremony has begun, there will be ceremonial dancing performed by all the...

30 anys coordi

30th anniversary of the Coordinadora de Geganters de Barcelona

This year the Coordinadora de Geganters de Barcelona is thirty years old. So, to mark the occasion, the coordinating body is organising a special exhibition at the Mostra de Gegants and a street parade (cercavila) with lots of guest giants during the...