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The Grec has a new logo!

Tue 18/04/2017 | 14:01 H

The festival begins a new period by reviving one of its symbols that is most familiar to fans and to the people of Barcelona: the faun. This figure, which for many years provided the inspiration for the festivals posters, now becomes part of the Grecs logo for the first time.

The Grecs new identity expresses its essential nature and pays homage to its origins in order to project itself powerfully towards the future. We have abstractly revived a popular, much loved figure that accompanied the festival for many successful years, and we represent it with a symbol that is at once popular and evocative, and which will be with us again on this journey that is now beginning.

In the words of its creators, We have made a letter-based logo that allows us great visibility in any format and which can meet any and all communicative needs. It will always be easy to read and will have the power of a name and a symbol integrated in the same word. It is, therefore, a simple but iconic image.

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