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More than 120,000 spectators enjoyed the shows at the 2017 Grec Festival

Tue 01/08/2017 | 14:11 H

A total of 121,795 spectators have this year enjoyed the shows and activities that were on the bill at the 2017 Barcelona Grec Festival, the latest edition of which has just ended, the first in a new era directed by Cesc Casadesús.

Although the figures at 31 July are still an estimate and the count is not final, we can now give the total number of spectators. This includes the 55,994 who saw the shows of the Grec Montjuïc (Teatre Grec, Mercat de les Flors, Teatre Lliure Montjuïc, Museu dArqueologia, plaça de Margarida Xirgu, the streets and squares of Poble Sec and the Sala Hiroshima, where national and international shows more closely linked to the theme of the festival and with a shorter run have been seen) and the 56,950 of the Grec City, the shows put on at the rest of the festival venues in Barcelona, usually with a longer run. Additionally, 8,851 citizens of Barcelona took part in one or more of the parallel activities organized as part of the 2017 Grec.

The attendance figures for the shows of the Grec Montjuïc (that is, the number of spectators with respect to the total number of seats available) have this year been exceptionally high, averaging 80.9%. In the case of the Grec City, this figure has also been notably positive, reaching 70.1%. Average attendance at all the festival shows was 75.1%.

By genre, of the nearly 102 festival events (excluding the parallel activities), 40 were theatre, with 69,645 spectators and an attendance percentage of 73.5%; four were circus related and attracted 4,421 spectators, with an average attendance rate of 69%; the 15 dance performances attracted 13,353 spectators, with an average attendance of 84.4% and, finally, there were 43 concerts, with 25,525 spectators and an attendance rate of 76.2%.

The results obtained this year reinforce even further the strategic lines that the Barcelona Grec Festival has laid down in this new era and which are based on programming artistic proposals of an exceptional nature; contributing to discovering and publicizing the local talent on the scene; provoking, stimulating and accompanying the new initiatives in theatre, dance and circus, and broadening the social base of the audiences that visit the festival.

This year, the Grec has focused its attention on the Mediterranean, with a large number of shows from Greece, but remember that the festival project envisages a round the world experience that will be completed in the coming years and will continue in 2018, when the Grec will make room especially for shows and proposals from the Far East.

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