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Jaume Clotet

Antic Teatre   18/07 - 28/07

Performance-concert on partying and drunkenness. You’ve probably never seen a show that has so little to do with the usual theatre conventions…

Visual arts, performing arts, music, comedy: all these elements come together in a show that is paradoxically on the fringes of all these disciplines. Alusinasons is a kind of paean to the world of partying and the imaginary that goes with it: a tableau in which an innocent clown accidentally falls into a world of alcohol. Disturbed by his revelry, the artist splits into his alter ego, Jaujeje, an amateur singer who seizes the opportunity to present his first album of electronic music with costumed, comedic songs.
You’ll watch as everything quickly turns into a parodic, imaginative, raw binge: a mad, strange situation that goes beyond the boundaries of stand-up comedy and conventional concerts. This is because the physical and mental state of the performers (and the audience) will change during the show, plunging us into an unusual performance experience: a gateway to uncertainty and fragility.

The mastermind behind this show is an artist (among other things) born in Manresa in 1994, who has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. In addition to exhibitions, he and Alicia Garrido co-direct the alternative comedy show Cabaret Internet, which can be seen in venues such as El Pumarejo (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat), Sala Vol and Hangar.

Co-produced by Jaume Clotet and the Antic Teatre 2024.

With the support of the Nau Estruch 2022/2023 residency.

Artistic card

Created and directed by: Jaume Clotet. A project developed with Max Feriche, Alicia Garrido and Albert Sánchez. Original music: Max Feriche, Jaume Clotet. Costumes: Alicia Garrido. Video: Albert Sánchez. Designs and 3D: Léa Ferraton. Lighting: Max Milà. Car set design: CNC Carpinteria Moderna. Photography: Anna Izquierdo. Mastering: Adrià Gil

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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules Del 18 al 21 de juliol i del 25 al 28 de julio

Space Antic Teatre

Duration 50 min

Language Catalan

Price 16 €

Price 16 € a taquilla i 14 € per internet

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