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Antonio El Turry

De la matriz al cante / Puro y salvaje

Districte de Nou Barris   19/07 - 19/07

A young cantaor who moves confidently, and a master who makes the classic cante sound new every time he performs it. Two generations demonstrate the vitality of flamenco on the second day of the festival organised by the association El Dorado.

He has a beautiful, finely tuned voice and sings easily in the lower registers, which enables him to offer an expressive cante brimming with nuances. He is the cantaor Antonio ‘El Turry’, an artist who has recorded two albums so far: Sentir que sueño, a debut with impressive participants, and Borracho de arte (2022), a selection of 12 tunes, including three different buleries, a soleá apolá, a vidalita, a farruca and a media granaína that is too challenging for other voices but which he performs masterfully, with full command of the range required.

At 11 pm, Manuel Moreno ‘El Pele’, a powerful cantaor due to his extraordinary voice and the intensity he brings to every cante, will perform for the audience in Nou Barris. He is an inspired, ‘totemic’ cantaor, as Juan Vergillos described him: ‘[...] classic cante that from his throat sounds novel, newborn. This is because of his anarchic nature, as well as his prodigious abilities, which enable him to play with the melody and lengthen the beat beyond the tercio.’ His much-admired Morente said that ‘he has the heart of a horse and a dreamy mezza voice’.

Desvarío is the heir of the Flamenco Festival in Nou Barris, which was founded in 2000 and ran for 17 years. El Dorado SFB has now taken over directing and managing the new festival in collaboration with the Nou Barris District. El Dorado SFB is a cultural association set up in 2007 with the aim of creating a regular space to promote and spread flamenco culture in Barcelona by viewing flamenco as a modern folk art.  

Co-produced by Nou Barris District and El Dorado, Sociedad Flamenca Barcelonesa.

Supported by the Barcelona Grec Festival 2024.

Artistic card

Music performed by: 

De la matriz al cante. Antonio ‘El Turry’ (voice). José Fermín Fernández (guitar)

Puro y salvaje. Manuel Moreno ‘El Pele’ (voice) . Niño Seve (guitar)

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Discipline Music

Dates and schedules Friday 19/7 - 21:00 H Friday 19/7 - 23:00 H

Space Districte de Nou Barris

Price 15 €

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