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Ferran Orobitg

Plaça de Margarida Xirgu   18/07 - 20/07

Living in the street, being present, seeing and being seen. That’s the theme of the new artistic activity of a professional street artist who specialises in creating personal, unique performing arts shows.

This artist began his career in Lleida, working with street art companies such as La Trup, Cremallera and Plou i Fa Sol. He then spent several years as co-director of the Cervera Circus Festival and finally, together with Ivan Alcoba, founded Fadunito, the street theatre company with which he still works today and which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. 

In Plaça de Margarida Xirgu you’ll see the result of an experience that began with the Hivernem 2022 grant, sponsored by FiraTàrrega and Institut Ramon Llull. It is called Opia, the new exploration of an inquiring artist who offers a show based on gazes in public space. How can the flow of gazes found there be increased? Perhaps by turning the street into a place where, as in the theatre, everything is a matter of sitting down and opening your eyes wide.

The shows Orobitg has created so far include Fragile, about the fragility of the human condition; Ceci 3.0, which encourages the audience to shed their fear of wheelchairs and discover the soul and humanity of these objects; and Límits, where he uses the forms of expression of physical theatre, circus, music and movement.

Produced by Fadunito Produccions.

Co-produced by FiraTàrrega, Institut Ramon Llull, ICEC (Government of Catalonia), Carulla Foundation, Teatre Lliure, Patronat de la Passió de Cervera, Teatre del Poble Espanyol, L’Atelline (Juvignac) and Festival Cratère Surfaces.

Artistic card

Written and directed by: Ferran Orobitg. Choreography: Laure Terrier. Creative collaborators: Irma Estrada, Oscar Hidalgo (LlampBorda). Performed by:  Lydia Zapatero, Gonzalo Vilaró, Anna Criado, Marta Puig, Mamadu Diallo, Ivan Alcoba, Núria Sbert, Ernesto Langa. Set design: Instantropia, Jordi Ledesma. Costumes: Goreti. Assistant director: Ivan Alcoba. Technical support: Volàtil Rigging. Streaming: Dani Hernández. Distribution: Marie Julie Huet

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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules Thursday 18/7 - 19:00 H Friday 19/7 - 19:00 H Friday 19/7 - 20:30 H Saturday 20/7 - 19:00 H Saturday 20/7 - 20:30 H

Space Plaça de Margarida Xirgu

Duration 25 min

Price Gratuït

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