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Teatro de guerra

Lola Arias

Filmoteca de Catalunya   09/07 - 14/07

The Argentine writer and director returns to the Grec Festival de Barcelona to reveal the two facets of a creator of documentary theatre shows who has also filmed the real stories she tells.

This year Lola Arias will be at the Teatre Lliure with Los días afuera [The Days Away], a documentary theatre show in musical format in which a series of women who have spent time in Argentine prisons for crimes related to drug trafficking recount their experiences through theatre and song. This live experience has been turned into a film (Reas) that will soon be screened after being shown at the Berlinale last February and before being shown at the Sant Sebastián Film Festival next September. Do you recall Campo minado [Minefield]? It was one of Lola Arias’ previous shows, which came to the Grec 2019 Festival de Barcelona, and brought together British and Argentine veterans of the Falklands War to recount their experiences. This stage experience was reflected in a film in which the director brought the personal experiences of six veterans of the Falklands War (or Malvinas War, depending on who’s talking) to the big screen. At the time, they were enemies in a conflict that changed all their lives.

The film, Teatro de guerra [Theatre of War], will be screened at the Filmoteca de Catalunya during the Grec 2024 Festival de Barcelona, complementing the portrait of a stage designer who is also on the programme. Would you like to meet her in person? Come and listen to her talk at the Filmoteca on the day of the film’s screening.

An Argentine-Spanish production from 2018.

Artistic card

Directed by: Lola Arias. Script: Lola Arias. Performed by: Lou Armour, David Jackson, Rubén Otero, Sukrim Rai, Gabriel Sagastume, Marcelo Vallejo. Music: Ulises Conti. Photography: Manuel Abramovich

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Discipline Films

Dates and schedules Tuesday 9/7 - 18:00 H Sunday 14/7 - 17:00 H

Space Filmoteca de Catalunya

Language Spanish

Price 4 €

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