Choirs and singing groups are exclusively vocal musical groups. Their repertoires are as varied and mixed as the groups themselves.

The most typical structure of a choir is a mixed four-part group: two sections of men, the tenors and basses, with soprano and alto being the ladies parts. There are als groups composed entirely of women or men, like the Cors d’en Clavé.

It is remarkable how deeply rooted the choral tradition is here, something which is clearly indicated by two things: firstly, the huge number of choirs singing groups and choral societies that there are; and secondly, the quantity of concerts that are organised every year.

The majority of choirs are amateur, they rely on volunteers and are organised as separate bodies, or parts or sections of other associations.

It has been calcuated that there are more than 30,000 singers within the Moviment Coral Català, which brings together all the choral federations and which is internationally renowned.

In Barcelona, choral singing is very important in the calendar of gatherings and concerts, as is the number of choirs, cors de Clavé, pueri cantori and children's choruses.

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