Amateur dramatics

Drama is a discipline which has found fertile soil in the associations of Catalonia. Many amateur theatre companies dedicate hours and hours to preparing performances and stagings.

There is a great diversity of groups and companies and they cultivate all manner of styles. Musical, comedy, drama, monologues, variety shows, zarzuela, and opera: Nothing escapes the these collectives, who strive daily, in a disciplined way, to raise the curtain and offer the public the fruit of their labours, often for only a single performance.

Increasingly, amateur theatre offers daring and quality pieces, both classical and contemporary. The merit of these groups is undeniable; they truly act as schools for the dramatic arts and fed Catalan theatre with excellent professionals when it was more difficult to access training in this field.

Apart from performances in their own areas, the groups take part in shows and competitions, some of which are well known and have a long tradition.

These collectives are normally organised within non-profit organisations. They may be groups in their own right, or sections of larger bodies, such as cultural centres, or clubs, community centres. Also, since 1985, there has been a federation of amateur theatre groups in Catalonia

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