Multicultural Talent Management: Harnessing cultural diversity in virtual teams

CYCLE: HR Best Practices in Multicultural Talent Management

Barcelona is an attractive city to live and work in. Many international companies have chosen the city to establish innovative ‘people hubs’, but how international talent is to be recruited and onboarded and how multicultural teams are to be successfully led and motivated in the new normal are complex. To help HR and Talent professionals to face the challenges of Multicultural Talent Management, we are offering this new cycle of sessions, in collaboration with BBi Communication, an international consulting & training company specialising in multicultural-talent management.

The cycle:

  1. Recruiting and onboarding culturally diverse talent (February, 16th)
  2. Leading multicultural teams (May, 4th)
  3. Harnessing cultural diversity in virtual teams (September, 28th)

Each session will follow a 30’ + 30’ + 30’ agenda:

  • 30 minutes for intercultural tips and tricks
  • 30 minutes for sharing best practices with leading companies
  • 30 minutes for coffee and networking

Session 3/3: According to McKinsey (The future of remote work, 2020), there will be three to four times more people working remotely than pre-pandemic. How do we work productively, communicate effectively and build trust remotely? How do cultural differences influence our adaptation and mutual understanding?

When we meet virtually, it is even more important to have clear communication and clear expectations. And the challenges faced by employers include those actions best done in person, such as onboarding, feedback, collaboration and critical decision making.

When working remotely across cultures, you not only need awareness about your own values and communication styles, but also knowledge about other business cultures. We need to be conscious of our own and our co-workers’ view on trust, leadership, and feedback. And we need to somehow compensate for the ‘missing’ elements of human connections and face to face recognition that affect employee engagement and well-being.

At this session, you will get insight into how to improve your remote collaboration and make you more culturally agile, avoid the risk of misunderstandings and frustration especially in a virtual team where signals are more subtle.


Agenda 30’ + 30‘ + 30’:

  • 9.30 am -Welcome and presentation

    A representative from City Promotion Dept, Barcelona City Council

    Tips and tricks on how to harness cultural diversity in virtual teams

    Speaker: Karen Reith from BBi Communication

  • 10 - 10.30 am - Discussing panel with leading companies established in Barcelona. Case studies of BBVA and Multiplica. 

    Mar Morales Carmona Talent Global Mobility, BBVA.

    Verónica Traynor, Global Head of Wellbeing, Multiplica.

  • 10.30 - 11 am - Coffee and networking to continue the conversations.


Free on-site event, upon registration.

The attendance is limited, places will be allocated on a first come-first serve basis.


  • Sala Emprèn, Barcelona Activa Glories Incubator.
    Carrer Llacuna 164. Barcelona
  • 28/09/2022
    9.30 am - 11 am
  • English