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The social divides of the housing crisis

Difficulties in accessing housing and insecure rents have become vulnerability factors that are hitting global cities the hardest.

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DossierThe social divides of the housing crisis

Illustration © Cinta Fosch
The social divides of the housing crisisGuaranteeing housing: a metropolitan challenge

Barcelona has always been a welcoming and appealing city. It is no wonder that its residents state, in poll after poll, that they would like to continue to do so. And their...

Illustration © Cinta Fosch
The social divides of the housing crisisScales of housing

Moving from mere talk to management will be the necessary shift in scale to balance housing supply and demand...

Illustration © Cinta Fosch
The social divides of the housing crisisThe Barcelona model in the European context

Cities are emerging as key players in the European challenge of building a human-focussed model for housing....

Illustration © Cinta Fosch
The social divides of the housing crisisHouse is a house is a house is a house is a house

The design of a substantial amount of housing is based on an obsolete concept that organises space according...

Other contents

© Eva Parey
“Being caught by surprise is the most wonderful thing, in theatre and in life”

Emma Vilarasau

Two days after Lali Symon premiered at the Romea theatre, as part of the latest Grec Festival, Emma Vilarasau arrives in the theatre’s foyer before...

Shared bicycles run by a private operator, in a corner of the Plaça de la Sagrada Família square. © Albert Armengol
Use of space and mobility management

If Barcelona’s streets could speak, they would tell us that they have never seen so many different vehicles using their surface, and that they have never...

© Marc Javierre
Tim Jackson. Living better with less

There is life after capitalism. This is the view of economist and ecologist Tim Jackson, who asks: “Why aren’t rich countries always happier than poor...

La Clariana de Les Glòries
Green areas, biodiversity and quality of life

The quantity and quality of vegetation is a key factor for achieving a healthy city and combating climate change. Street trees provide shade and help to...

Cancel culture: A threat to freedom of expression?

Spurred on by social media, cancel culture is gaining ground. In its name, works, opinions and even people are cancelled. Its advocates contend that it is a...

 © Manuel Medir
“Giving in to technology is making the writer’s craft expendable”

Enrique Vila-Matas

Enrique Vila-Matas (Barcelona, 1949) has created a literary universe of his own. His writing captures and universalises, through subjectivity, the troubled...

The rhythms of 31 FAM draw on music from beyond the usual realms of influence. ​© Nil Ventura
Models, values ​​and contradictions in new generations' music

In the music of their era, every generation has found a vehicle for passing on values, lifestyles and collective aspirations. Lately, some of the most popular...

Interior of Atlas Muhba
Two thousand years of Barcelona on the map

The Atles MUHBA d’història de Barcelona [MUHBA Atlas of Barcelona History], published by Barcelona City Council and the Museu d’Història de Barcelona (MUHBA...

© Byung-Chul Han
The political contradictions of contemplative life

All the books by the philosopher Byung-Chul Han call for a return of negativity: instead of excessive transparency, secrecy; instead of an aesthetic of...

Co(AI)xistenceis a video installation by Justine Emard with Mirai Moriyama & Alter, developed by the lshiguro Lab at Osaka University and the Ikegami Lab at the University of Tokyo. © Justine Emard / Adagp, París 2018
Living with AI

Under the banner of artificial intelligence, the world is being reconstructed on the basis of neurons, memories, imagination and thoughts, but also chips,...

Illustration © Cinta Fosch
You won’t fuck

He wasn’t allowed salt, but he gave himself special dispensation when he was with his beloved fancy woman. Well, he did so every day, and Anselm was already...

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