Barcelona has a network of fast buses that allow you to travel around the city with speed and convenience and easily combine it with other modes of public transport, so that you can make 90% of journeys with a maximum of one change.

This network also connects the urban core with the city limits and improves mobility between Barcelona and the neighbouring municipalities. It is sustainable and efficient, in both environmental and economic terms. It guarantees that 95% of the population has a high-speed bus service less than 300 metres from home.

The new high-speed bus network is the result of a wide-reaching political and social consensus and has included specific working groups (Mobility Pact, Council for the Elderly, etc.) and open information and debate sessions in all the districts of the city. Since 2017, this has been accompanied by the digital participation platform

The new express bus network offers:

- A faster service

- More frequent arrivals (every 5-8 minutes on working days from 7 am to 9 pm)

- Less waiting and travel time

- Greater regularity and reliability of service

- Easier to use

- Greater connectivity and coverage of territory

- Better static and dynamic passenger information, both at stops and on vehicles


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Phase 5.2.2 (Autumn 2018)

New lines: H2, V1, V19, V23 i V25.

D50 nova xarxa bus

Phase 5.2.1 (summer 2018)

The new lines are: D50, V9 and V33.


Phase 5.1 (2017)

New lines: D40V5V29V31

Mobilitat en autobús

Phase 4 (2016)

New lines: H4, V11, V13

Mobilitat en autobús

Phase 3 (2014)

New lines: H14V15V27 

Mobilitat en autobús

Phase 2 (2013)

New lines: H8, H10, H16, V3 and V17

Mobilitat en autobús

Phase 1 (2012)

New lines: D20H6H12V7 and V21