Trabucaires de Gràcia

The Trabucaires de Gràcia first performed in June 2004 at a cercavila  parade organised to mark the centenary of the Orfeó Gracienc, the local choral society. They had actually been founded in March the previous year, on the initiative of Ernest Solves, from Alcoi, who was nominated as the association's honorary president. And they had been presented to the public on 22 February 2004 at the pregó, or opening speech, of the Sant Medir festival.

The Trabucaires de Gràcia wear a sky-blue shirt, a black waistcoat and trousers, and black espardenyes with black straps. Their waistband, bow and traditional barretina hat are blue, like the Gràcia flag. They also have a badge that identifies them, consisting of three vertical blunderbusses –trabucs– with violets, which are the flowers of the Sant Medir pilgrims, and white three-pointed lilies on a sky-blue background.

The Trabucaires de Gràcia's day is in April, during the festival to mark the Revolta de Quintes (Conscripts' Revolt). This is a recreation of the events of April, 1870, when the inhabitants of the old town sacked the Vila de Gràcia town hall demanding the abolition of conscription. The actual dates of the festival vary because they depend on Easter. Since 2007 the Trabucaires de Gràcia have played an active part in this historical recreation, which they organise in collaboration with other neighbourhood organisations. They also take part in the Gràcia and Sant Medir festivals, the Diada de les Colles de Cultura (Culture Groups' Day), the Sant Antoni Bonfires and the cercavila parade that concludes the Tradicionàrius folk festival.

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