Trabucaires de Sant Antoni

The Trabucaires de Sant Antoni were set up in 2010, on the initiative of some Diables de Sant Antoni members who had performed with the Trabucaires de Llinars, a nearby town, and decided to set up a group in their neighbourhood.

They took part in the annual gathering of Catalan trabucaires for the first time in June, 2011, in Vila-seca, for what was their baptism. Since then they have participated in these gatherings every year. They also appear in the El Bruc celebrations, the La Mercè festival, the commemoration of the 1714 Gleva massacre and the neighbourhood festival.

The Sant Antoni trabucaires wear a black cocked hat with a feather, a black cloak and breeches, a red jacket, white socks and a white shirt, and espardenyes with straps. The group's badge shows a sow with human features armed with a trabuc, or blunderbuss, because it is an animal associated with St Anthony.

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