Visitor numbers at Barcelona Zoo up by 10% in 2023

The site continues to opt for educational and family activities, along with the conservation of endangered and native species.

09/01/2024 - 15:08 h - Environment and sustainability Ajuntament de Barcelona

Dissemination work to foster knowledge about biodiversity and involvement in the protection of flora and fauna is one of the priorities of the zoo, which has launched a new educational plan for primary and secondary schools.

The programme includes seven activities to connect children and young people with nature and influence their habits, plus the addition of a multi-purpose room, a lab, two classrooms and other resources.

The Zoo School also continues, with summer camps, visits and workshops.

A family zoo

Over 23,000 families took part in the activities at the site. These include the Ludo Zoo, with games, books and other reference materials, and the nature passport, enabling children to discover the spaces and particularities of the species through a pre-established route. Nearly 7,000 children took part in this.

The Zoo Club closed out the year with 78,016 members.

Preservation of species

The protection of native species is one of the main areas of work for the zoo, which in recent years has managed to reintroduce various species into their natural habitats: the Iberian pond turtle, the Montseny brook newt, Hermann’s tortoise, the Spanish toothcarp, the Majorcan midwife toad, the Hermit ibis and the European polecat.

Last year also saw work carried out on thirty conservation projects for endangered animals and habitats, eight grants awarded for research on Mediterranean fauna and ecosystems, and the birth of blue-throated macaw chicks, griffon vulture chicks and more.