Living communally in Barcelona

Poster with the text: For enjoying without noise, Please, thank you!


Our noise shouldn't be a headache, enjoy the city with respect!

Noise control service. Urban ecology

Poster with the text: Make good use of the bins Please Thank you!

Waste collection

Everything in its place and each type of waste in the right container. Use litter bins properly and don't put rubbish bags in them; they have their own place in the containers. Thank you for keeping the city clean!

Sexist aggressions

Sexist aggression has no place at the party, it’s nasty. Not a word out of place. Not now, not ever. Let’s respect each other, without discrimination or violence. Zero tolerance towards abuse.

BCN Antimasclista

Poster with the text: Use public toilets. Please Thank you!


Holding it in and keeping the city’s streets clean is easy, all you need do is use our public toilets!

The poster with the text: To make your dog no trace Please Thanks!


We love and respect our pets, but we also have to look after the city.  When you take your dog for a walk, don't mess up. Pick up the poo and wash away the pee, always!

Poster with the text: Respect nature, Please Thank you!

Green spaces

Green spaces are outdoor areas for leisure and for fostering harmonious community life. Breathe in, relax and respect nature!

Parks and gardens

Poster with the text: Respect the ornaments, Please Thank you!

Local festivals

We love our big annual festivals. Celebrate them with prudence and respect for local residents and the decorations adorning the street!

List of local festivals

Poster with the text: Enjoy responsibly. Please thanks!


Ready to throw firecrackers and light sparklers? Be careful with fireworks to prevent accidents!

Advice. Barcelona bombers [Es]

butts Poster with the text: Trow the butts in the trash. Please Thank you!


Fag ends, chewing gum and other litter go in litter bins. Streets are not ashtrays!

Cleaning services. Urban Ecology

Poster with the text: Cut the erasers of the mask before throwing it. Please Thank you!

Face masks

Covid-19 has made face masks a normal, necessary feature of everyday life. Cut the elastic straps off the mask before throwing it away. And remember, it goes in the grey container!

Waste Browser. Urban Ecology

Poster with the text: Use the green dots. Please Thank you!

Green points

Green points are places where you get rid of the waste you can’t throw away in the normal containers located on the street. Find them and use them!

Green Point Network

Poster with the text: Respect the collection times of the furniture. Please Thank you!

Old furniture and junk collection

If you have some old furniture or junk you no longer need, remember that we collect it from your door. Each street has an assigned day. Find out which day is yours and get rid of your stuff without clogging up the street!

Junk and old furniture disposal service. Procedure (ES)

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