Living communally in BCN

Information on this page’s services may have been amended under the measures for adapting to the new normality in Barcelona and will be gradually updated.

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We cherish Barcelona, its streets and squares, its lifestyle, its vibrant night and day. We have the right to enjoy it and experience it, respectfully. We’re all winners that way!

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We like being outdoors in the summer. The noise we make shouldn’t be a headache for other people. Enjoy the city and respect others!

Noise control service. Urban ecology

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We love our pets and respect them, but we also need to look after the city. When you walk your dog, don’t mess things up. Clear up dog dirt and water down dog pee, always!

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Green spaces

Parks and gardens are places for playing and collecting our thoughts. We relax in them and partake in the city in pleasant surroundings. Let’s look after them as if they were our own back yard!

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Local festivals

We love local festivals. Let’s get the best from them while respecting the streets they’re held in and the locals who share them with us!

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Sexist aggressions

Sexist aggression has no place at the party, it’s nasty. Not a word out of place. Not now, not ever. Let’s respect each other, without discrimination or violence. Zero tolerance towards abuse.

BCN Antimasclista

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The city belongs to people who enjoy it all year round, as well as people visiting. Let’s live and share Barcelona together with respect!

Meet Barcelona

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Unauthorized street vending

Barcelona has a fantastic commercial network where you’ll find everything you need. Please don't buy products being sold without authorisation in the street. When you buy products from local shops, you help the city!



We don’t like seeing the city dirty, rubbish outside waste containers, dog dirt in the street, cigarette butts laying around and pavements full of abandoned junk... We’re all responsible. Let’s play clean!

Everything has its place and every type of waste has its container. Local residents will all be grateful! Take your rubbish down in the evening and use the selective waste collection service.

A single cigarette butt can contaminate eight litres of water and takes between one and ten years to biodegrade. Always put them in the litter bin. Respect the environment!

If you’ve got old furniture and junk that you don’t need, remember we’ll pick it up from your front door. Each street has an allotted day, so check your day and get rid of things without taking up space in the street!

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The beach is the biggest natural open space in the city. Remember to take care of the species that live there and enjoy the beach without leaving your mark!

Cans, cups, cigarette butts... they all make the place dirty and pollute. Put them in the bin and recycle packaging. Keep the area clean and respect the beach!

Dogs also have the right to enjoy the beach. Take proper care of your pet and pick up dog dirt so we can all enjoy the beach together!

The beach is much more than a place for recreation. It’s part of the city’s natural heritage, where plants and organisms live. Respecting the beach ensures the future of the coast.

If you like listening to music, chatting or partying, do so with RESPECT! Peace and quiet matters for people nearby too.

Banner with the text: At the beach, respect!
Banner with the text: At the beach, respect!
Banner with the text: At the beach, respect!
Banner with the text: At the beach, respect!
Banner with the text: At the beach, respect!

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