Baby in its father's arms while he plays music with a tambourine and the mother plays a triangle

Music for babies

Introduce your children into the world of music through the courses for babies on offer at the escoles bressol (kindergartens) and music schools.

Music for babies. IMEB (ES)

Children in class with a digital blackboard

New Media Learning Centres

At the New Media Learning Centres, you can support your children’s education, meet others and discover new technologies.

New Media Learning Centres. Childhood (ES)

Girl sitting on a table reading a book in a library corridor


Discover the available children’s services in Barcelona’s libraries. You will find not just a wide range of resources in their children’s areas but also a Young Readers’ space, aimed at the very Young (aged 0 to 4), and the “We’ll help you with your homework” service.

Boy doing a workshop with mud on the ground

Civic Centres

Find out about the courses and activities for children on offer at your neighbourhood civic centre.

Cvic centres. ICUB [Es]

Group of children playing with soft toys and an adult woman

Play centres and ‘casals’

Discover what’s on offer at Barcelona’s play centres and casals (children’s centres), spaces designed to help children play and grow.  

Mother watching how her son plays with a book

Family Centres

At Barcelona’s Family Centres, you can share experiences with other families and trained teaching staff, while the children play and have fun. 

Family Centres. Childhood (ES)


Museums for children

This science museum is housed in a Modernista (Art Nouveau) building. Devoted to promoting understanding of science, CosmoCaixa features such attractions as a geological wall, a flooded forest, a room devoted to the evolution of matter.

This unusual attraction takes visitors on a journey through the world of chocolate from its discovery by Europeans in the 15th century and its introduction in the Old Continent, not forgetting its nutritional and medicinal properties.

The exhibition “Planet Life” offers a historical journey of life on Earth. This is a chance to see authentic treasures and collections which have been kept at the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona for over a century, with as many as 3 million pieces in total.

Housed in the Drassanes Reials royal shipyards, the Maritime Museum has a history spanning more than eighty years. The museum’s educational programme is especially designed to enable younger visitors to discover the maritime heritage conserved here.

Housed in L’Auditori concert hall site, the Music Museum hosts a permanent exhibition featuring 500 musical instruments from different periods and cultures. The facilities here also include an interactive room where visitors can handle real instruments.

The Camp Nou stadium contains a sanctuary devoted to the football club that is “more than a club”. At this museum, visitors are taken on a journey through the history of FC Barcelona that features all the trophies the club has won over the years, as well as areas devoted to the club’s most famous players.

The “CaixaForum Family” programme promotes art through workshops and shows aimed at families. Moreover, activities at this centre include exhibition routes for children with educational material.

The museum invites you to take a historical, ethical, fun and educational journey through the world of sport, in all its different disciplines and forms. The museum has chosen a cultural and educational format, with interactive exhibits and multimedia installations.

Offers a chance to meet some of the main gegants (giants), cap-grossos (big-headed papier-mâché figures) and figures of the traditional and unique bestiary of fantastic animals that participate in the celebrations of holidays and festivities in Barcelona and throughout Catalonia.

The most important public collection of the works of Joan Miró is made up of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, engravings and drawings by the Barcelona artist.

Chocolate Museum
The exhibition “Planet Life”
Music Museum

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