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El cap als núvols [Head in the Clouds]

by Xavier Bobés, performed by Marc Guillén

Teatre Lliure Montjuïc - Espai Lliure   29/06 - 30/06

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What if we tell an adult story with the toys that have survived from our childhood? This is the point of departure of a show dating from 2003 that continues to captivate audiences with its delicate, emotional resonance more than 20 years later.

Objects are the testimonies of our lives. The most everyday, humble ones, the ones we live with, even without realising it, become repositories of our emotions. Theatre can bring them back to life and get them to convey our memories and emotions to spectators. Xavier Bobés, an expert in creating magical worlds out of nothing using the most unlikely objects, discovered this years ago. 

El cap als núvols [Head in the Clouds] was his first solo show. And to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of its creation, Bobés has invited Marc Guillén to enter this universe of fragments and remains of toys: an unusual play about the houses that love makes and unmakes, about the bodies we embraced once and are now memories, about desire and solitude.

Appearing in its latest editions of the Grec Festival de Barcelona, the creator of the company Playground, Xavier Bobés, has often presented stage creations working with objects in venues as unusual as the shows he produces. He manages to release them from their banal, everyday nature and bedeck them in magic and poetry. The author of eight shows to date, Bobés has appeared at the Grec by himself (Cosas que se olvidan fácilmente, Grec 2015, and Corpus, el 2020) and with the object detective agency El Solar, created with Jomi Oligor and Shaday Larios (Cuaderno de campo, Grec 2018). The artist's latest shows include El mar: Visió d’uns nens que no l’han vist mai (TNC, 2022).

The show forms part of a series that the Grec 2024 Festival de Barcelona is dedicating to the creator Xavier Bobés.

Show for all audiences.

A Xavier Bobés production.

Artistic card

Created and directed by: Xavier Bobés. Performed by: Marc Guillén. Video: Albert Coma. Original music: Julià Carboneras. Actor direction in the original creation: Eric de Sarria. Photography: La Murga. Wardrobe: Dulce María Fernández. Stage construction: Pep Aymerich. In collaboration with the 2003 KRTU Grant (Government of Catalonia). Special thanks to: Diana Mattheou, Areatangent, Companyia Philippe Genty. 

I would like to thank the Festival Grec for this invitation, which enables me to put on, in my home town, two shows that have been seminal in my career as a creator: El cap als núvols, 20 years after it premièred, and Cosas que se olvidan fácilmente. Just as objects can take on a new life when they exchange hands, I trust that both works will now gain a new life on-stage thanks to Marc and Francesco.

Xavier Bobés

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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules Saturday 29/6 - 18:30 H Sunday 30/6 - 18:30 H

Space Teatre Lliure Montjuïc

Duration 50 min

Language No words performance

Price 12 €

Other criteria Xavier Bobés Series

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