AREA resident (on-street parking)

What do you need to know?

AREA de Barcelona is a system for regulating street parking with the aim of keeping the streets in better order.

Parking spaces marked in green are intended to prioritise parking for people residing in the area over other vehicles.

Processing the AREA Resident formality consists of granting the right to park in Green AREA parking spaces in the applicant’s area. 

A person with AREA resident parking rights can park in their residential zone once they obtain the corresponding parking ticket from the parking meter or via the Smou app. The tax by-law regulates the rate that will be applied (discounted or full rate).

Holders will also be able to park in other Green and Blue ZONE parking spaces in the city when they obtain the corresponding parking ticket. In this case, the resident’s right to park will not apply.


  • Currently there are more than 30 resident zones in the city of Barcelona. You can check whether your address falls within the limits of one resident zone on the map of Area website
  • Resident citizens with a parking permit for their vehicle do not have the right to park at resident rates in the event that they have a courtesy car because their usual vehicle is being repaired. 
  • If using the parking meter, you do not need to place the receipt in the vehicle as the ticket is digital and wardens can identify you as a Green ZONE resident with the car registration and zone. You can print a receipt if you wish.
  • The registration number on the ticket must always be the same as that of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle can be parked in the same place for a maximum of seven calendar days.

Who does it apply to?

It is aimed at anyone who has one or more vehicles and who is registered as resident at an address within the limits of the Green ZONE in the city of Barcelona.

What requirements must be met?

Requirements for card applicants:

  • Being registered in the Barcelona Municipal Register of Residents.
  • Owning, or being recorded as the main driver of, a vehicle with the address of the vehicle registration certificate in the city of Barcelona.
  • Being recorded as the main driver of a vehicle in a company name.
  • Being the main driver of a vehicle under the renting or leasing system or hired long term for more than three months, whether in his or her name or in the name of the company.

Requirements for vehicles:

  • The vehicle must have more than two wheels, not have more than 9 seats, or be more than 6 metres long or have a maximum authorised weight of more than 3,500 kilogrammes.
  • Vans, SUVs and micro-cars with a moped licence meeting the above technical requirements fall into this category.

How long is it valid for?

The right does not expire. You can apply at any time and the right includes all authorised vehicles and the applicable fee. 

What do you need to do?

What steps must you follow?

ONLINE: Fill in the form

  • You need to access the form (only available in Catalan and Spanish.).
  • Once you access the form, you must fill in the details, confirm them and attach the necessary documentation.
  • If, once you have filled in the form, you need to provide further documentation, you will be notified about which documents you need to complete the formality.


BY TELEPHONE: Call and give your personal details and those of the vehicle

  • If you call from the city of Barcelona, you must call 010. During the phone call you have to provide the details of the person applying for the card and also those of the vehicle or vehicles you are applying for.
  • The telephone service is available in English, French, Catalan and Spanish.
  • Have the documentation needed to hand to make the application correctly.

IN PERSON:  Request an appointment and go to the BSM citizens information point

  • To apply for the AREA Resident in person, you will need to go to a BSM citizens information point with an appointment (by calling 938 875 034), there is one at Calle de Calàbria, 66 (08015 Barcelona) and another at the Barcelona Nord bus station.
  • When you are at the information point, you must submit the documentation required and prove that you fulfil all the requirements.

Who can submit the application?

The application should be submitted by the owner or driver of the vehicle.

What documentation must be attached to the application?

  • DNI, passport or identity number for foreign nationals (NIE).
  • Vehicle registration certificate.
  • Vehicle technical specifications.
  • Current insurance policy.
  • It is also advisable to have the vehicle’s registration number to hand.
  • If you are a driver with a hired car, you must also submit a notarially certified copy of the hire, lease or rental agreement. If the rental is in the name of a company, instead of providing this document, you can provide a notarially certified copy of a certificate from the hire, lease or rental company stating the duration of the agreement, the registration number and the usual driver of the vehicle, as well as a photocopy of the vehicle’s insurance, which must state the person applying for the card as the vehicle’s main driver.
  • If you complete the formality on behalf of another person, it is essential to provide an identity document and an authorisation.

What does the application cost?

The right is granted FREE OF CHARGE.

Want to know more?

Which body is responsible for the formality?

Barcelona Municipal Services (BSM) (Barcelona City Council).

Where can I find more information?

You can use the link to the AREA de Barcelona website (available in English, Catalan and Spanish).

Important linked formalities

If you wish to apply for the right to park in the Green ZONE, you must first obtain:  


The procedures tend to change frequently. Therefore, only what is provided by the regulations in force at the time of carrying out the procedure in question is applicable.