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Alina Sokulska

Ukraine, Catalonia

Contemporary dance

For every kind of audience

In this mixed media piece, choreographer Alina Sokulska (Kyiv) and performance artist Maria Plotnikova (Mariupol) are establishing interconnections between their visions of the corporal experience in wartime. The central focus of the research is the vulnerability and strength of the body in pain and struggle in a context of a defragmented reality. The mythological story of Magura is a story of a woman with wings that flies over the battlefield and gives a blessing to the fallen warriors with a last kiss. While Alina creates a choreography that draws to the mystical side of Ukrainian culture with its pagan beliefs, Maria conceptualizes this physicality in the performance "Territory & people" by manipulating a body made of clothes and filled with earth. The juxtaposition and dialogue of these discourses form a new project that will be shown at La Merce festival MAC.

Duration: 15 minutes.

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    • Carrer de Nàpols, 70
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