Barcelona will hold the 2024 Architecture Weeks from 14 May to 28 June

Over the course of seven weeks, the event will offer a wide-ranging programme throughout the city with the aim of promoting the dissemination of architectural activity, knowledge, experience and debate.

Logotip de les Setmanes d'Arquitectura 2024.
05/02/2024 - 12:25 h - Urban planning and infrastructures Ecologia Urbana

From 14 May to 28 June, Barcelona will be holding the 2024 Architecture Weeks. This is a seven-week version of the annual event organised by the city to reinforce the essential link between architecture and citizenship. This year’s Architecture Weeks is a continuation of an initiative that has been consolidated since 2017, and now the programme has been extended to allow the participation of many more entities and to promote throughout the city the dissemination of architectural activity, knowledge, experience and debate.

The Architecture Weeks is an initiative open to the presence and collaboration of entities dedicated to the dissemination of architecture, as well as a representation of different social, cultural and artistic disciplines. Over the course of the different editions, more than a hundred institutions, organisations, associations and independent experts from our city and around the world have actively contributed, bringing architecture to the public, discovering spaces and transformations in the city.

Now, the City Council and the Mies van der Rohe Foundation are launching a call to invite architecture-related organisations and groups in Barcelona to join the Architecture Weeks programme. The aim is to organise activities aimed at all audiences that contribute to reflect on and disseminate how the built city has to adapt to today’s challenges and the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, with the aim of Barcelona being the World Capital of Architecture 2026. Proposals can be submitted on the website: