Immigration and arrival procedures in Barcelona, easier than ever before

The procedures section of the Barcelona International Welcome website is now more practical and intuitive to facilitate access to all this information for international talent coming to the city.

23/06/2022 - 09:16 h

Moving to Barcelona from another country involves carrying out various administrative procedures that can be complex. Barcelona International Welcome explains the vast majority of these procedures on its website, so that foreigners who come to Barcelona to live and work have them to hand in a clear and practical way and can comply with the city’s bureaucratic requirements of the city.

What’s more, the website has been revamped. Procedures account for 80% of the more than 45,000 virtual visits that Barcelona International Welcome receives each month, so improvements have been made to increase this section’s usability.

A new design and reorganization of content

The procedures have been regrouped by topic and priority. The website now provides one section with immigration procedures, those needed to enter and reside in Spain. They have been organised by origin of the user, i.e. people from the European Union, on the one hand, and non-EU countries, on the other.

A notable new feature is the incorporation of a video: What is the NIE?, which clarifies some common confusions about this identification number which helps foreigners make various transactions, such as buying a flat, opening a bank account, paying taxes, or taking a job.

There are up to 40 procedures organised thematically, which are explained in detail in English, Catalan, and Spanish. Some are mandatory, such as the house registration or registration of pets. Others, optional depending on personal circumstances, such as the accreditation of foreign academic qualifications or the exchange of a driver’s license. There are also some related to individual preferences, such as access to the Bicing (the city’s public bicycle service) or the library card.

By clicking on any of these procedures, you access a tab which explains, one by one, the steps to follow and, in most cases, contains links to download the corresponding forms. Now, thanks to the revamp, it can also be printed or saved in PDF format.

And if the person in question does not have enough information on the website, they can request an appointment with the personalised attention service. Barcelona International Welcome Desk to be attended to in person or by video conference. They will answer your questions and assist you in getting to and settling in the city.