Women and climate

A conference entitled “Women: leading the fight against climate change”, which was held in November 2018, confirmed the key role played by women and the gender perspective in climate projects.

Barcelona aims to be a pioneering city by promoting women’s leadership in the fight against climate change. It has therefore joined the C40 Cities Network's Women4Climate programme.

A collaboration programme has also been established with Barcelona Activa so that every woman in the Barcelona More Sustainable Network can have access to the following programmes:

  • Inicia. A programme aimed at women who have a business idea or entrepreneurial project and wish to put it into operation. It offers support in the business plan's preparation, personalised tutorials and help in the search for funding sources.
  • The Women mentoring program. A support and guidance project aimed at women entrepreneurs, at their business projects’ initial or consolidation stages.
  • The Lead the Change programme provides ongoing support for women in the development of their professional careers, with the aim of reducing the “glass ceiling” effect and facilitating access to executive positions, generating new leadership models that drive transformations in organisations and raise the profile of the transformational potential of female leadership for promoting different enterprises.

It is in the framework of this programme that a series of networking activities open to all women are being run, entitled Afterworks, and taking place once a month, from 6 pm to 8 pm. You can consult the calendar here for the next sessions.

The aim behind this joint work is to help women leading climate-change projects to achieve their goals and to promote those goals so they have greater impact and implementation.