Nova Icària beach

Nova Icària beach

Current state of the beach
Water qualityGood

Latest update: 30/09/2023 22:00 - SMC Spanish State's Ports

Platja de la Nova Icària des del Port Olímpic
Vista aèria de la platja i el parc de la Nova Icària
Vista genèrica de la platja de la Nova Icària
Sant Martí
Average width:
From the Olympic Port to the Bogatell breakwater

Getting there

Smoke-free beach
  • Adapted parking
  • Parking for bicycles

Nova Icària is about 415 metres long. It is one of the beaches situated roughly halfway along the city seafront.

Along with Bogatell beach, this is the one of the beaches where users spend more time, possibly because it is one of quietest in the city.

It is also one of the beaches in Barcelona with the widest range of leisure amenities: these include a playground and a ping-pong table by the Bogatell breakwater and two volleyball courts near the Olympic Harbour.

On the beach of Nova Icària is flying the Ecoplayas flag as recognition of its quality and services.

Area for disabled persons

Nova Icaria Beach has an area for disabled persons that includes a bathing support service. This service is intended for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility, and its purpose is to help them in and out of the water so they can enjoy bathing in the sea, using, if necessary, an amphibious chair.

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This area features a wooden walkway that reach the water as close as possible (although, under no circumstances will they ever touch the water, as its currents could detach the module), an adapted changing room, a shower with a chair and a crane lift. All this makes it much easier to reach the water. The service is supported by volunteers, who, together with the accompanying persons, help users to move from the wheelchair to the amphibious chair, using the crane lift if necessary. All in all, the volunteers provide assistance when users of this service approach, enter and leave the water and also accompany them while they are bathing.

The assisted bathing service, which begins operating on 1 June, is available at weekends and on public holidays in June and the second half of September, while in the months of July, August and the first half of September it is available daily from 11:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00.

These services only operate when the green flag is displayed on the beach, indicating that it is safe to swim.


  • Adapted public toilets
  • Adapted showers
  • Area for disabled people with assisted bathing service
  • Buoy-marked breakwaters and bathing areas
  • Children's play area
  • Lifeguard towers
  • Lockers
  • Public address system
  • Public fountains
  • Rubbish bins and recycling bins
  • Volleyball courts

Tourist Help and Information Points

  • First Aid and Rescue
  • Information point
  • Local City Police


  • Barcelona WiFi
  • Deckchair hire
  • Drinks and ice-cream kiosks
  • Parasol hire