Parc de Can Rigal

Av Albert Bastardas, 23

Can Rigal is a large metropolitan green area featuring Mediterranean vegetation. It has amenities and leisure areas.

Can Rigal is a metropolitan park that helps to consolidate an area between Barcelona and Hospitalet de Llobregat. It is a large park, with an area of Mediterranean woodland and large, tree-lined leisure areas. The park’s design includes suggestions from local residents, thanks to the active participation of local associations.


This park, open for public use, lies on a main north-south axis that connects the municipalities of Barcelona and Hospitalet de Llobregat and gives rise to two distinct areas. On one side there is an area of Mediterranean forest, full of pine and holm oak trees, which adds to the landscape of the Collserola range. On the other there is a large meadow with a series of platforms and geometric plantations of deciduous trees, as well as children’s play areas.

The central pathway breaks off into to rest areas and geometric flowerbeds with bushes and herbaceous plants, which act as a filter between the two areas. Along the pathway the colours keep alternating as the species selected throughout the year come into bloom.

Pergolas and porticoes, with climbing plants and solar panels, enhance the path’s central character and create areas of shade and colour, while powering the park’s lighting. All these features combine with the set of arched pillars to offer an organic and tree-like image.

The place is a large mat of gentle slopes up to the embankment on the border of the Besòs side which give way to adapted routes that respect the criteria of visual transparency throughout the park.

Landscaping and Design

Parc de Can Rigal has adopted environmental and sustainability criteria, especially as regards the vegetation and use of water but also in relation to the use of recycled materials and controlling the lighting, because the electricity is generated by solar panels.

Rainwater is collected from the surface, channelled through a system of drainage pipes and gravel then returned to the vegetation by capillary action, as filtering it could destabilise the land. It also prevents saturation of the sewerage system. For direct irrigation, water is channelled from a mine in Hospitalet.

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