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Lapis Lazuli

Euripides Laskaridis

Mercat de les Flors - Sala Ovidi Montllor   13/07 - 14/07

This unique creator, whose work seeks to subvert the established relationships between audience, creator and performer, creates a dazzling and mysterious new world on stage, full of exciting contrasts.

Able to conjure magic from the most diverse and ordinary of materials, Laskaridis is the pioneer of a unique hybrid form of spectacle that seamlessly spans the realms of performance, dance and the visual arts. In Lapis Lazuli he continues his ongoing exploration of transformation and ridicule, fusing elements of the grotesque, the comic and the terrifying.

Inspired by the mesmerising blue semi-precious stone of the same name, known for its unpredictable behaviour under pressure, Laskaridis seeks to create a captivating and enigmatic new world full of fascinating dualities. The name of the stone itself, lapis lazuli (often interpreted as ‘stone of heaven’), hints at an origin that is both earthly and celestial. It was this duality inherent in the stone’s name that inspired the artist’s quest to meticulously weave a tapestry of seemingly contradictory variations on stage.

Director and performer Euripides Laskaridis works at the intersection of dance, theatre and the visual arts. His works have been presented at leading performing arts institutions around the world, offering a distinctive fusion of genres and styles that is both humorous and strangely poignant. After Relic (2015), Titans (seen at the Grec 2017 Festival de Barcelona) and Elenit (2019), which toured continuously worldwide until 2023, Euripides Laskaridis continues his exploration of ridicule and transformation with his new stage piece Lapis Lazuli, an international co-production involving Greece, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Finland and Bulgaria. 

Notice that strobe lighting effects will be used. Performance has loud sounds.

Produced by Onassis Stegi

Supported by The Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès

Co-produced by Théâtre de la Ville (France), Théâtre de Liège (Belgium), Espoo Theatre Finland (Finland), Teatros del Canal (Spain), Teatro della Pergola Firenze (Italy), Festival Aperto / Fondazione I Teatri Reggio Emilia (Italy) and Big Pulse Dance Alliance Festivals: Julidans (Netherlands), Torinodanza Festival/Teatro Stabile Di Torino―Teatro Nazionale (Italy), And One Dance Festival (Bulgaria)

Co-funded by The Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

With The Support of NEON - Organization for Culture and Development 

With The Support of Megaron―The Athens Concert Hall

With The Financial Support of The Greek Ministry of Culture

Supported in touring by the “Outward Turn” Program of Onassis STEGI 

Initial research & development were made possible with the support of the Onassis AiR Fellowship. 

A project by Euripides Laskaridis and Osmosis

First performed at Onassis Stegi, Athens, April 2024



Artistic card

Conceived & directed by: Euripides Laskaridis With Angelos Alafogiannis, Maria Bregianni / Eftychia Stefanou (double cast), Euripides Laskaridis, Dimitris Matsoukas, Spyros Ntogas Original music & sound design: Giorgos Poulios Dramaturgy consultant: Alexandros Mistriotis Set design: Sotiris Melanos Lighting design: Stefanos Droussiotis Special acoustic & electronic sound inventions, sounding objects: Yorgos Stenos Artistic collaborators - Costumes: Christos Delidimos, Alegia Papageorgiou Props & special constructions: Konstantinos Chaldaios Artistic collaborator – set: Vagelis Xenodochidis Movement consultant: Nikos Dragonas Assistants to the director: Charikleia Petraki, Yannis Savouidakis Artistic Collaborator on Tour: Marianna Kavallieratos Artistic collaborator & rehearsal Stand-In: Telis Tellakis Artistic collaborator Onassis Air Fellowship 2022 Research - Costumes: Aggelos Mentis Artistic collaborators Onassis Air Fellowship 2022 Research – Set: Loukas Βakas, Filanthi Bougatsou Technical director: Konstantinos Margkas Sound Engineer: Martha Kapazoglou, Giorgos Chanos, Kostis Pavlopoulos Lighting Technician & Special Lighting Constructions: Giorgos Ierapetritis Props & special constructions assistant: Timothy Laskaratos Production assistant: Nikos Charalampidis Production runners: Theologos Kampouris, Lida Manousou Alexiou Assistant Director Intern: Katerina Tsolou Set design Intern & logo design: Konstantinos Papantonis Props Interns: Aphrodite Psychouli, Ilektra Anichini Pantalaki. Efthymis Gronthos Costumes Intern: Ernesta Chatzilemonidou Dramaturgy Intern: Jimmy Machai Directorial feedback – tech weeks: Talya Rubin Lights stand-in: Alexandra Drandaki Osmosis Operations Coordinator and Communications Editor : Euklida Velaj Executive production, tour & production management: Polyplanity Productions / Yolanda Markopoulou, Vicky Strataki Photography: Elina Geounanli, Pinelopi Gerasimou, Julian Mommert Cinematography & colour correction: Nikos Nikolopoulos Video trailer edit: Euripides Laskaridis

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Discipline Hybrid scene

Dates and schedules Saturday 13/7 - 21:00 H Sunday 14/7 - 21:00 H

Space Mercat de les Flors

Duration 80 min

Price 26 €

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