Personatges i elements festius


The sardine is used in one of the more cryptic carnival rituals: the burial of the sardine. This joke is one of the ceremonies that marks the end, or death of Carnival.


The tamborí is a percussion instrument played with a single drumstick. In the cobla music group, his sound marks time for sardana dances.

Vella Quaresma

This old Lady is a graphic representation of Lent. Is often seen in printed images and she works like a calendar: her seven legs take us towards Holy Week.

Canó de la Barceloneta

The cannon is a very popular piece of artillery in Barceloneta. During a cercavila the cannon fires off pyrotechnic salvoes mixed with sweets.

Christmas verse

One of the many Christmas traditions in Catalonia involves the youngest members of the family reciting a Christmas verse.


The flabiol is a woodwind instrument with a bevelled mouthpiece that belongs to the flute family. It is a typical instrument of the cobla, a folk orchestra.

Legend of Sant Jordi

In Catalonia, the popular story we all know has some interesting peculiarities to bear in mind: the setting and the end.


Els Pastorets, the little shepherds, is a very old Christmas performance, originating from the medieval dramas that were part of the Christmas Eve services.


The tenora is a double-reeded wind instrument envolved in Catalonia, where it has become the true star of the music for sardana dances.

Three Kings or Wise Men

The Gospel of St. Matthew is the only place in the Bible that tells of the arrival of the Magi, following a star to find the Messiah.