Barcelona Metròpolis 120 - Cap a un nou model alimentari

N120 - Oct 21

Towards a new food model

Today’s food system contributes to environmental degradation and does not ensure healthy and sufficient food for all. What needs to change to achieve a fair, healthy and sustainable food system? Two hundred and ten cities around the world, including Barcelona, are committed to promoting safe, environmentally friendly agri-food systems that promote biodiversity and do not exclude anyone.

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DossierTowards a new food model

Il·lustració © Nicolás Aznárez
Towards a new food modelTowards food sovereignty

As Vandana Shiva asserts, the health of the planet and ours are inextricably linked. If we hurt the planet, we are hurting ourselves. The agri-food system has...

Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelOne Planet, One Health – Connected through Biodiversity

The coronavirus health emergency has made us see that the planet’s health and our health are inseparable. We must deglobalise the food system that is driving climate...

Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelFood for a good life

Today’s food system – the way we produce, process, distribute, sell and consume food and manage its waste – spawns disease, inequality and poverty, and harms the...

Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelSitopia: Rethinking Our Lives Through Food

We live in a world shaped by food; a place the author calls sitopia, or ‘food-place’. By valuing food and giving communities control over their land, we could...

Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelCounterurbanisation

The growth of cities is paving over nature, encroaching on farmland and stoning agriculture. If, as numerous studies show, urbanisation processes are becoming...

Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelAdvantages and possibilities of organic farming

Agri-food systems underpinned by the principles of ecological farming continue to grow far and wide across the planet, and 186 countries already implement...

Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelObesity as the epitome of precariousness

Although sufficient food is produced to meet the needs of the entire population, inequalities in food access mean that one third of what is produced is wasted...

Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelThe commercialisation of agriculture: impacts and alternatives

Since the mid-20th century, agriculture has undergone more transformations than in the last ten thousand years. It has gone from being a common good to becoming a...

Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelGleaning to shift gears

The industrialised agri-food system is unsustainable. The very agents promoting this model are beginning to look for ways to avert its collapse. Gleaning that...

Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelSchool canteens, a space for transforming the food system

The school canteen purportedly plays a major role in the diet of children and teenagers, and is also said to be a tool for learning and education. But there...

Other contents

Retrat de Jordi Savall © Martí Petit
“Music is the most spiritual of all the arts”

Jordi Savall

Having turned eighty on 1 August, Jordi Savall tells us about his past and his life and professional career as a world viola da gamba virtuoso and orchestra conductor...

Vista parcial del litoral de Barcelona. © Vicente Zambrano González
Barcelona Green Deal: Roadmap for the city’s economic recovery

Barcelona is a global city immersed in urban transformation processes linked to economic competitiveness, social equality, environmental sustainability and public...

L'avinguda Meridiana, entre el carrer de Felip II i la plaça de la Tolerància. © Vicente Zambrano González
How we get around

Barcelona tops the list of European cities with the highest car density, 5,844 per km2. Although the traffic is twice that of Madrid and five times that of...

Il·lustració © Nicolás Aznárez
The porcelain teapot

It all happened the week of the Mobile World Congress. Nora was cleaning room 606 when she saw the porcelain teapot on the desk, like a paperweight on a bunch of...

Espectacle de dansa i acrobàcies agafades pel cabell de Laura & Francesca al Castell de Montjuïc, dins del MAC Festival de la Mercè 2020. © Manel Sala
Culture is (not) safe

During the long months of the pandemic we’ve had enough of claiming and asserting that culture is safe. We have reduced venue capacity, we have adapted schedules to...

Performance “Speculative Intimacy. Afectes i tecnologia digital”, dins la Biennal de Pensament del 2019. Moment de l'actuació amb una dona estirada al llit comandant un petit dron. © Xavier Torrent
Technological humanism

Barcelona is furnished with the conditions and the talents to become a benchmark for technological humanism. At a time when the European model for the ethics of...

Exposició Urban Nature al CCCB
The cities within the city

The Centre for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, from its outset, has thought and rethought the city from all kinds of perspectives. In 2021, the CCCB wished to go...

Retrat de Mónica Rikić © Mariona Gil Sala
“We can decide a lot more things about technology than what we are led to believe”

Mónica Rikić

When we hear the word ‘coder’, a young engineer swaying dangerously close to sociopathy comes to mind, obsessed with becoming the new Mark Zuckerberg. Mónica Rikić (...

Una de les sales de l'exposició En temps real. La Col·lecció Rafael Tous d’art conceptual al MACBA.
In real time

Catalan museum heritage has largely been built thanks to private collectors. This is the case of the collection belonging to the textile businessman Rafael Tous, the...

Fantasy stories for a post-pandemic future

Over a short time, we have been caught in the throes of a dystopia almost without realising it: a global pandemic, lockdowns at home, devastating fires, drone strikes...

Llibre: Tothom a taula! Retrats de l’ecosistema alimentari sostenible d’una Barcelona en transformació. Lucía Herrero (fotografia) i Jordi Bes Lozano (text) — Ajuntament de Barcelona, 2020.
Ensuring that everyone eats with dignity

As a rule, the word sustainability in relation to food is understood to be linked to the concepts of local, seasonal, organic, fresh produce and even...

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