Revista Barcelona Metròpolis 111 - Construir la metròpoli

N111 - Apr 19

Building the metropolis

The Barcelona Metropolitan Area occupies a prominent place in the globalised world. However, economic success does not guarantee internal cohesion. If environmental issues, urban segregation processes and social inequalities are made known in the metropolitan domain, should we not move towards a new metropolitan governance?

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DossierBuilding the metropolis

Il·lustració © Ana Yael Zareceansky. Un joc de puzzle de peces quadrades desendreçades. El puzzle és un mapa de l'àrea metropolitana de Barcelona amb els noms d'algunes de les poblacions.
Building the metropolisA new metropolitan governance

New economic, social and environmental issues cannot be addressed solely at a municipal level. It is time to consider a new model of institutional integration that...

Il·lustració © Ana Yael Zareceansky. Una ciutat al centre de la imatge voltada de catifes. Una persona desplega cada catifa en l'extrem més allunyat de la ciutat.
Building the metropolisFrom the right to the city to the right to the metropolis

Most of the world’s population is urban, and cities are where all the tensions and challenges of the 21st century are expressed today. With a new municipalism, we can...

Il·lustració © Ana Yael Zareceansky. Una persona llança una xarxa de pescar. La xarxa és un mapa de ciutats.
Building the metropolisModels and key variables of metropolitan governance

The governance of metropolitan areas is a recurring issue on the political agenda. There is no single formula since each city has its peculiarities due to...

Il·lustració © Ana Yael Zareceansky. Dues persones es troben assegudes en uns balancins, cadascuna sobre un precipici. Entre les dues persones es veu un pont que aquestes dues persones estan teixint.
Building the metropolisThe era of re-balancing economic policies with global projection

One of the essential questions with which cities like Barcelona are currently grappling is how can we combine economic success in global terms with local...

Il·lustració © Ana Yael Zareceansky. Un laberint amb dues portes. En la del mig de la imatge, hi ha dues dones, una a cada banda de la porta. A la part inferior esquerra de la imatge, hi ha un home mirant el terra.
Building the metropolisFor a more cohesive society

The last economic crisis had serious repercussions in terms of social cohesion and, for over a decade, Barcelona has been endeavouring to overcome the worst...

Il·lustració © Ana Yael Zareceansky. Una carretera circular tancada com una pista de tren d'un joc infantil. Per l'interior hi passeja un home i un cotxe cap per avall. El tub d'escapament treu fum que alhora sembla que dibuixi un núvol.
Building the metropolisThe ring roads, yesterday and today

From the beginning, the ring roads defined a new urban reality that confirmed Barcelona’s change of scale, its transformation from a city...

Il·lustració © Ana Yael Zareceansky. Dues dones a l'interior d'un laberint fet de vegetació. Cadascuna es troba en un punt que no veu a l'altra i cadascuna talla les plantes amb un talla gespa.
Building the metropolisPublic policies against urban segregation

The trend towards the residential segregation of social groups is materialising, to varying degrees, in every town and city, ours too. The matter of socio-...

Il·lustració © Ana Yael Zareceansky. Quatre columnes amb capitells d'estil jònic de diferents alçades amb escales entre la part superior d'uns i altres. Sobre les columnes i en les escales diverses persones es miren, saluden o caminen.
Building the metropolisIn search of a metropolitan ‘demos’

Far from everyday use, the current consumption of urban space is eliminating the political functions and collective identity functions traditionals...

Il·lustració © Ana Yael Zareceansky. Dues vies de tranvia paral·leles es creuen en una bifurcació en el centre de la imatge. En l'extrem esquerre es veu un tranvia.
Building the metropolisMobility, a complex structural framework

The creation of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area marked a positive yet insufficient change in the governance of metropolitan mobility. We are facing a complex...

Other contents

Retrat de Joan Margarit © Camilla de Maffei
“Poetry is a tool for loving”

Joan Margarit

Joan Margarit is travelling through old age with a complete published oeuvre that grows as he writes new poems and books such as Per tenir casa cal guanyar la...

Patrullatge de la Guàrdia Urbana a la Plaça del Pedró al Raval © Pere Virgili
Understanding problems, thinking about policies, promoting security

The significant rise in minor offences in Barcelona highlights a series of circumstances that have affected security: globalisation, the 2017 terrorist attack, the...

Patrullatge de la Guàrdia Urbana a la Plaça del Pedró al Raval © Pere Virgili
Barcelona in numbers: crimes, victims and safety

Barcelona residents rate safety in the city with a score of 6.2 and give high marks to the police force, according to the latest victimisation survey. Victims of...

Patrullatge de la Guàrdia Urbana a la Plaça del Pedró al Raval © Pere Virgili
Subjective insecurities

Objective insecurity is related to the criminal phenomena that affect the population, while subjective insecurity concerns citizens’ opinions on matters such as the...

Una dona penja una pancarta al balcó de casa seva en la qual es llegeix: banca estafa engaña © Pere Virgili
Home, much more than just real estate

“All housing is political” asserted David Madden on his recent visit to Barcelona to present his book In Defense of Housing, co-authored with Peter Marcuse....

Vista panoràmica de Barcelona des de la Sagrada Família © Vicente Zambrano
International explosion

This text studies two international cultural phenomena. The first is Rosalía, with her origins in the Taller de Músics and ESMUC. The second is the intersection and...

Llibres oberts © Vicente Zambrano
Between languages and literatures

We have asked Barcelona authors who write in Catalan and/or in Spanish whether they believe that the Barcelona in novels differs at all if one language or the...

Views of the antiaircraft batteries of the Turó de la Rovira © Pepe Navarro
Tell me your name

Authors like Marsé and Casavella have given deep thought to the influence of names. For different reasons, both have signed their works with acquired Catalan...

Un carrer del Raval © Consuelo Bautista
Writing about Barcelona is getting lost in a garden maze

If we take a look back, we may realise that a novel about Barcelona offers two ways of seeing the city. The one put forward by Spanish-language authors is...

L'Eixample de Barcelona © Pepe Navarro
Conquering margins

Barcelona’s geometric structure marks out the scenarios of its literature, occasionally facing a suffocating and distressing interior, and in other instances...

La cantant Rosalía © Berta Pfirsich
Rosalía in the Plaça del Dubte

Rosalía studied in the classrooms in the Taller de Músics, as well as on the patio, and in the street, with artists, teachers and students. She was always sure about...

Retrat de José Miguel Vizcaya, Chiqui de la Línea © Albert Armengol
Chiqui de la Línea: maestro de ‘cantaores’

Rosalía followed the trail of the teacher and cantaor [flamenco singer] Chiqui de la Línea to the Catalonia School of Music (ESMUC), where El mal querer...

El mal querer, Rosalía. Sony Music, 2018.
Rosalía, the sultana of a new pop under construction

El mal querer, Rosalía’s second album, is an epic story full of sonic turbulence and minor artistic challenges. Based on alternative imagery, Rosalía...

Retrat de Marta Marín-Dòmine © Albert Armengol
“Remembering is an act of loss, of mourning”

Marta Marín-Dòmine

Do we come from where we were born, where we live or where our ancestors came from? These are the questions that Marta Marín-Dòmine explores in Fugir era el més...

Il·lustració d'uns micos en un parc vestits com científics © Ana Yael Zareceansky
The hundredth monkey effect

Similar: we see the little hands and little fingers (oh, the defining opposable thumb) and they seem so human. Then we look them in the eyes and the familiarity is...

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