Gegantons and gegants de motxilla

The gegantons share a common origin with the gegants. In fact, they evolved from them. The precise reason for that is not known. Some say they were created to take part in palace soirees and in other enclosed spaces, which would have been impossible for the bigger giants.

It is not easy to define what a gegantó is exactly. There are a lot of variables and some of them are highly subjective. So, we are sticking to the definition approved at the second conference on Popular and Traditional Culture in Catalonia, according to which a gegantó is a gegant that is bigger than a human figure but significantly smaller than the average gegant. Whatever the case, it is carried by people of adult height. Despite being a gegant, it will be referred to as a gegantó when described in relation to other gegants.

There are a lot of them around in Barcelona. Lots of giant groups have expanded their range of carriers, geganters, as gegantons do not require the skills or physical shape needed to dance with gegants. At the same time, carrying them represents an intermediate step that allows new geganters to join the colles.

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